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Monthly Archives: January 2014

I have been gone long, and soon I will be gone longer. It has been fun meeting so many people in GSA, EKAT, BOA, BoZ, Chaos, and other clans that will list on for a tedious amount of time. For those who read this, USO has been my pride and work, and recently has been dwindling to dust. USO has been hanging on for dear life by a thread, and I feel that unless somebody rises to uphold USO, I shall cut that thread. It is time for me to depart.

Friends and enemies, I hope that I have not done anything to wound you or your pride. If I have, please forgive me for doing so. I remember all too well when I met my first real friend on Plazma Burst 2, and his name was Jvinh1, or better known as Jason408. He was an ambitious and kind person who told me about the new clan he was planning to build, and the inspiration for making this clan came from meeting him. Jason, although you may be a changed man, you will always be that person who was my dear friend.

The war on AGSA caught us all by surprise, it came quick, and it ended soon. I helped my allies with USO, as back then we were a rogue group allied with GSA. Groups of 4 USO’s and I would enter games controlled by AGSA and take control of the god position, thus controlling the game. It was a war, a fun war, but nonetheless a war. It ended one fateful day when USO joined GSA’s efforts in a massive surge across the available 2 servers, wiping out all the AGSA games. Then, we found out that AGSA had surrendered due to a lack of leadership and support. GSA had won.

The war on EKAT was even more memorable. Miranda was a legend I had heard of, who had said to be the “Destroyer of Websites.” Being somebody as curious as I, I set out to speak with her. When I finally spoke to Miranda in a game, I had found out that as an individual, she was a very fun person. Speaking to her was something I would never forget, as she turned out to be a great conversationalist, and somebody who found many things amusing. Sometimes, I confess, I would check the EKAT chat before the GSA chat because of how lively Miranda made it. That was EKAT in its full glory. Those were good days long gone.

So many people I have met, and so many people I have fought. Every person in those experiences, even in times of peace, made these years so memorable. I cherish the times I spent with so many interesting people, and so many are now either changed or gone. Things change all the time, and so do people. GSA is now a falling nation, EKAT is shrouded in mystery due to a lack of leadership, and USO is clinging on to the last words I am typing right now. There have always been great challenges I have met, and so many mistakes I have made. I tried my best to be the peacekeeper, the diplomat, the friend who comes in times of need, and the commander who leads his troops to victory, and I hope I did well. I cannot prolong the life of USO, as all things must die as they are born. I can only say my goodbyes.

Every person who is reading this, thank you for the wonderful time I had in this community. I learned so much about discipline, modesty (That one was from dueling you, Miranda. Beat me every time.), friendship, and forgiveness from every person. It was fun while it lasted, but it is high time I left now. All that is left of USO’s website is the history page, completed at last. Every person in USO is advised to find another clan to join, unless you wish to be a rogue. As for me, it is time I moved on. Never say that things will not be better, because they always turn out for the best. All things must come to an end, as sad as it is, and this is the Universal Security Officials’ adieu.

Goodbye, everybody. And I wish you good fortune, time, and judgement as you continue along the paths that life takes you through.