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The origin of USO’s leader dates back to about 2 years ago. It is hard to determine the exact date, so no more detail can be provided. A person finds a game called Plazma Burst 2, but cannot play this singleplayer game because of a hand injury. A few months later, said person searches up this sequel to a game he played a long time ago: Plazma Burst Forward to the Past.  He enjoyed the last game and starts playing the singleplayer mode. Because of his experience with side scrolling and shooter games, he beats all levels in a few days. He then sees that there is a multiplayer option and when he clicks it, it redirects him to a website named after the game. To play multiplayer, he had to make an account. The name was hard to determine, but said person was good at naming anything, and he named his account Melledoneus after a protagonist in a novel he was writing. Thus began the life of Melledoneus.

Melledoneus found multiplayer nice with a wonderful community to fight with and share stories with. Then he heard of clans. There were a few clans like DEATH clan and such. As a fan of Assassin’s Creed, Melledoneus used to spend his non-fighting time on Plazma Burst 2 visiting games on the Beginner’s game room that were for the Assassin’s Clan. He used to perform the ritual of the famous Leap of Faith and the saying “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Soon one day while playing railwars, Melledoneus’s rank switched from Newbie to Advanced Marine. Puzzled by this, he decided to research on this change. Melledoneus, inspired by the ability and opportunity to become a PROmoted player, he set out to do so. Soon the Friends and Enemies system arrived, and Melledoneus met many people in which he could add to his friends list, instead of losing them all the time. One day Melledoneus met somebody named Jvinh1. Jvinh1 seemed nice, and told Melledoneus all about his clan, GSA. At the time Melledoneus had also made a clan and always lost his members. After a few visits to, Melledoneus had found the perfect name: Universal Security Officials. Melledoneus had a specific law for his members in which to not kill the innocent, and to be on the good side. Soon Jvinh1 and Melledoneus became the best of friends, and decided to become allies. Thus began USO.

Melledoneus soon recruited a few members and worked little on his clan at the time. He was busy working on his Kill/Death Ratio. A time came when Melledoneus became a PROmoted player. At the time, GSA had risen and had about 80 or so members. Jvinh1 and Melledoneus met up after a long time and talked. Jvinh1told Melledoneus about how excited he was about how famous GSA became. Melledoneus was told over and over that if USO did not have a website, it was not a real clan. So one day, Melledoneus made the website with the help of Jvinh1, who was proficient in the functions of WordPress. Melledoneus made the site and a few pages, and thus the website was born.

Soon the plague of hatred for GSA known as AGSA started, and Melledoneus became aware of it soon enough. For a very long time Melledoneus fought these people, and this hatred spread. It is believed that the person who started this was careless and broke rules of GSA, and furthermore was banished. Angry, said person led many people with false information and motivation for destruction onward to GSA. During this time, Melledoneus’s account was hacked and toyed around with. His KD was ruined, and he was down to an Elimination Master. Driven by the urge to confront this madness, Melledoneus destroyed all AGSA games he could find. Many GSA helped him in this effort, and EKAT decided to pitch in as well. The battle raged onward, and smaller clans emerged from all the chaos. One fateful day, Melledoneus, Jvinh1, and Microt (known then as Spc.Riley), drove the AGSA in different games down to earth and their power diminished. AGSA was dead. Many AGSA leaders vowed to end this war for as long as possible, until history repeated itself. Thus ended the reign of AGSA.

Soon, Melledoneus improved the clan and his own skills. Many weeks passed by, and in the meantime USO improved. GSA was soon divided once more. If the rumors were true, a GSA betrayed their brothers and decided to take a chunk out of its members to join the Nuglaths. By then, Melledoneus has improved his KD and his skill. EKAT had broken away from GSA, and despite all efforts of both sides to make peace, their leader Miranda would not have it. Melledoneus quoted, “Miranda has so much power in her hands, but she does not know how to use it. She continuously grinds EKAT down by going into war relentlessly and her plans all include revenge and destruction. The Nuglaths are coming and we either can unite or die. And most of us prefer the first option over the second.” Continuous efforts to unite are being swatted away by pride and stubbornness, and things will have to improve, or it would be the death of all of us. But it was not to be at all.

Nuglath was found to be lying, and his exaggerated clan retreated back into Adventure Quest Worlds. After tormenting USO and EKAT’s chat boxes he left, leaving threats in his wake. LDN was never heard of in terms of activity, having less than 10 members to start with. Some of the more powerful clans started becoming involved, and allies and enemies were made. Battles were fought, and peace was still within hand’s reach. Soon Miranda turned her attention to USO, and set up a vote for whether USO should be tensioned, enemies, or neutral with EKAT. Melledoneus rallied up GSA and USO to vote for neutral, and beat the vote for USO to become enemies. After exchanging threats, insults, and harsh opinions, EKAT and GSA finally came to a truce. Many were involved, but left behind the scenes. The “AEF’s” of EKAT voted for whether EKAT should have a ceasefire with GSA or not, and Miranda would have no choice but to accept the results. After some conversing between the two, the vote was in. GSA and EKAT were now neutral. Cheers were everywhere, and chats were filled with talk of its coming. The war was over. Posts about it were made on both GSA and EKAT’s websites, and they were no longer insults. But Melledoneus still had his doubts. And having his doubts, he thought of taking drastic action to fix his doubts.

Soon, EKAT and GSA fought for very long, as this “peace” was only a ceasefire planned by both sides. One side being Jason’s stubborn ambition for a supreme government, and the other being Miranda’s fierce lust for destruction and rebellion, the battle was at a stalemate. Soon, however, both EKAT and GSA started crumbling, the spirit of war dying down, and both falling into ruin. USO at this time had seemed neglected by its Leader, and its members seemed to disregard its existence. But one day, Melledoneus returned and wished to have his members rank up to Elite and become a Leader, therefore to run his clan with his guidance. One stepped up to the challenge, and made his ascent. However, to properly establish a court, USO needed more members. As Melledoneus slunk back into the shadows of thought and recuperation, the new Leader of USO is faced with the challenges of erecting the clan into the sky, where it would watch the world from there carefully.

However, the troubles did not end. The leader of GSA, known both as Jason and Jvinh1, was forgiven previously for infringing on the peace treaty several times, and was warned numerous times of its terms. Ignoring his alliance with USO, Jason chose to ignore an attempt to improve faltering diplomatic relations by Melledoneus, and in turn attacked him and a recruit happening to accompany him. Melledoneus, finding it impossible to forgive this, let go of his hold on the alliance, and it shattered. USO became neutral with GSA for the first time in history, and Jason merely responded saying that this is why he did not trust his allies and ignored the leader of USO to “avoid conflict,” acting oblivious to the fact that his negligence and brutal activities were the cause of this predicament. Melledoneus thus leaves his clan open to any alliances. Many clans flock to claim  the battle-hardened USO as a part of their allies list, most of them opposing GSA and taking this advantage to strengthen their campaigns against Jason. However, Melledoneus decides to act rationally and give Jason a second chance to condescend and redeem himself for his mistakes.

Soon, the GSA become enraged over the proclaimed demoting and removal of Nickman from the Clan Founders’ group. Talk of revolution circles GSA, but the requests for a full-scale overthrow of Jason die down as a vote is held whether Jason should keep his power or not. The results come soon, and Jason is demoted. Nickman is elected the new President and leader of GSA, and an alliance between GSA and USO is re-established the next few hours. All is well for GSA.

Melledoneus disappears again, not to be seen except by the few in the GSA chat who were present when he would visit briefly time to time. Finally, he returns for one last time. Broken, defeated, and tired, Melledoneus finally says his goodbyes. He gives his last speech before he retires, and makes it into a small post for those few who still viewed the website. Finally, he made his way to the GSA chat and said his personal goodbyes to a few friends who were still present, and then departs. And he then starts typing the History page’s last paragraph, which is what you are reading right now. History will continue, but this is the last part that Melledoneus has recorded. Saying his goodbyes, Melledoneus concludes with this last word.



  1. wow, are you a novelist?

  2. I guess were the glue in the story eh?

    • You are not the glue in the story, you are the story. Every USO member holds a part in history, as long as they do their own part.

  3. Hm…Neat
    Who is this ‘Nuthlans’ you speak of?
    What do you mean ‘the death of all of us’
    I see no death…wait, i see Minecraft…..awesome Minecraft…I need to buy it!

    • Nuglath. I meant Nuglath. Anyway, I’m finishing up a novel called “A Decision to Be Made, Lives to Save.” Read it when it comes out.

  4. lol u think agsa did it?
    it cood b any1
    a FUSO,a USO who wants power 4 bit,maybe even a ramdon dude

    • I was a threat to AGSA at the time, so they were one of the only clans to have the motive to hack my account. By the way, I am slowly recovering. I became PROmoted again.

  5. Jeez Mele how old are you.

    • That information is confidential, but I will assure you that I am old enough to use proper grammar.

  6. Then SKWT comes!!!!!

  7. Hello, Melle! I am here.

    • Can you add me to the history?

  8. Wait melle you dont write stories for fun you are an actual author or something?? :-O

  9. Sometimes I like how you put things melle. But your like a month behind.. Please, update it. =)

  10. Careful!!! I am LostNeos Brother and we will take revenge on GSA

  11. we never give up

  12. Hmmmmm maybe Melledoneus was born in 1532.He died in 1599

    • Indeed, I am over 500 years old and still looking young… it must be my diet of eloquence and diction.

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